Caring as close to our hearts as possible

The Yadoya hotel is the place where guests can kick back and enjoy the simplistic & minimalistic Japanese inspired designs that have been adored by many, Michel Penneman is the man behind the interior. Yet with all the rapid changes around the world, we as a family are trying to maintain the familiar grade of hospitality and comfort we have been providing since the start of our Yadoya journey. With the guidance of both the World Health Organization and the Local Health Authorities we have been able to wrap up the best plans on hygiene and safety to successfully have rolled it out throughout the hotel. We’re all extremely happy.


Social distancing with ease at the Yadoya Hotel

The Yadoya Hotel provides an intimate setting where crowds and gatherings are easy to avoid following our markers and distancing reminders. With under 75 rooms that are distributed cleverly throughout the building, a moment of peace and tranquility is always just around the corner. Taking the elevator? Only 1 person or party staying in the same room are allowed to make use of the elevators, yet, our staircase is unlimitedly available for those looking to reach their daily step goal.


Our hotel? as clean as a whistle!

Cleanliness at the Yadoya Hotel has always been part of our promise, yet with the rapid changes we might have even pushed the bar for ourselves on cleanliness to a new high. Thanks to our lovely housekeeping team, we are able to ensure the spotless premises is up to standard with the advice of local authorities all the while complying with the benchmark’s of the World Health Organization. From corner to corner we have ensured that best practices are followed and adhered to, social distancing markers and hand sanitizing stations are available throughout the hotel to ensure the regular reminders are being taken in by our guests and staff.

Checking in or checking out? Our reception desk is disinfected between every check-in and check-out to ensure a clean slate is present for those who follow. Key pads, payment terminals, pens, pencils you name it, are all disinfected and ready to use for out next joyful guest.

Not to mention, all rooms are squeaky clean upon check-in of the guest, that’s assured!


Enhanced staff trainings and procedures, part of the team.

Every department has been updated with meticulously planned trainings and updated protocols, these standards run through every staff member and every department as its part of ones self and Yadoya identity. Glad you can still see our smiling eyes while knowing we have ensured optimal safety and hygiene practices all round. Keeping that in mind, all staff members have been updated on specific procedures should one of our beloved guests feel a little under the weather.